Garden Mint Iced Tea Recipe

Updated: Aug 3

One of my favourite parts about summer is being able to gather fresh mint from the garden.

This iced tea recipe is flexible. I love to use organic cane sugar for making iced teas, but I will use whatever is abundant in the pantry at the time. I find honey a bit too sweet and enjoy the flavor sugar offers iced teas.

You can choose your own sweetener and play with the amount used.

I love the flavour of raspberry leaf tea and offer the suggestion to use green tea bags if that is what you have around. There are plenty of other herbs/teas that would pair well with fresh mint!


- Handful fresh mint

- 1/2 cup dried raspberry leaf (OR 3 green tea bags)

- 1-2 freshly squeezed limes or lemons

- 1/3 cup sugar

- 6 cups water

- 2 jars


1. Gather a handful of fresh mint and remove leaves from the stem. Keep leaves and place stems in compost. (rinse your mint if it is dirty)

2. In 1st jar place dried raspberry leaf.

3. Boil 4 cups of water.

4. Pour boiled water over raspberry leaf and cover. Steep for 15-20 minutes.

3. In the jar you will be serving the iced tea from, place; mint leaves, freshly squeezed lime juice and sugar.

4. When the raspberry leaf tea is ready, strain the tea into the jar containing mint mixture.

5. Stir well. 6. Pour 2 cups of cold water into jar and mix.

7. Place in refrigerator until chilled.

8. Serve over ice with fresh mint to garnish, maybe a slice of lime too!


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