Connect with Nature


Embrace the Magic!

In this fast paced world life can feel overwhelming.

During a regular work week it can be hard to find time to recharge in the natural world. In the city, finding a quiet wild space can feel daunting.

Blue Jay Botanicals opens opportunity to connect with the natural world no matter where you are and how busy your agenda is.

With nature infused herbal salves, oxymels, oils, tisanes, subscription boxes, educational writings + videos, workshops and more, the opportunity for connection is here.

Uniting People with the Plants

My name is Cherianne, I am a Nature Educator and Folk Herbalist passionate about helping you connect with plants.

As human beings we depend on the harmony of nature to survive. The plants, animals, water, air – without one we would not be here.

Our modern society does not raise us to acknowledge these relationships that sustain us.

As I walk a familiar trail, I feel at peace. I am at home when surrounded by jewelweed, poison ivy, ferns and maple trees. Nature refuels my physical, emotional and spiritual self. I am forever grateful for this land. Through Blue Jay Botanicals, I share this with you.


Blue Jay Botanicals operates in the Kawartha Lakes Region and respectfully acknowledges that this is the traditional territory of the Mississauga Anishinaabeg, (Curve Lake, Alderville, Hiawatha First Nations) and the Williams Treaty 20. I offer gratitude to the Mississauga Anishinaabeg for their generations of stewardship.

 3 Weequod St. South

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