Nature Inspired

All products made by hand, in small batches, infused with the best intentions.

I believe in the true beauty of living in relationship with nature - through Blue Jay Botanicals I share this with you.

Uniting Plants and the People

Forest & Garden Harvested

Organically & Sustainably Sourced

Wildcrafted in the forests of Curve Lake and Pigeon Lake region. Harvested in our gardens. Ethically sourced, organic ingredients. Blue Jay Botanicals provides quality herbal products.

One of a Kind


My name is Cherianne and I am the herbalist behind Blue Jay Botanicals. I began studying plants and their uses in 2015. I was spending a summer in the most wild of places, 6 hours north of Thunder Bay. It was a tough summer and the plants kept me busy. I was taking pictures, drawing and looking them up in my field guide. An example of one of the many ways plants and nature provide us medicine. Over the last 3 years I have been mentored and taught by some of the finest herbalists and nature educators in my area. I have taken online courses, attended workshops and gatherings, read books, watched videos and so much more. This is truly a passion of mine. Currently I am attending Wild Rose College, School of Natural Healing. I am enrolled in the Practical Herbalist Diploma Program. 

Cherianne Cybulskie
Herbalist, Outdoor Educator

 3 Weequod St. South

Curve Lake, ON

K0L 1R0 

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