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I always look forward to what Cherianne has to share/teach. I love that she brings awareness to the importance of getting outside and connecting with nature. I have been absorbing everything.


I have naturally oily and sensitive skin - since beginning to use Blue Jay Botanical's Cleansing Grains my skin feels so fresh throughout the day without being dry or irritated. Compared to using big name, store bought facial cleansers, my face used to look and feel greasy hours after washing, but not anymore! The Cleansing Grains have done wonders for my skin and I'm happy to have finally found the right product for my face.

Adreena K.

The smell of the Balm of Gilead is divine! I keep opening the tin just to smell it. It feels really good to massage this balm into sore neck and back muscles. A must-have for people working in front of a computer all day. Thank you Cherianne for this balm and for the excellent customer service!


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