Flower and tree essences are the energetic frequencies of the plant captured by the radiant sun into spring water. This flower water is then preserved with brandy or vodka.


Essences are a extremely gentle way of welcoming a plant's medicine into your world. They are great at removing emotional layers that are holding us back. Or for supporting us in times of distress or gried. Offering the heart emotional support when we may not be able to.


I like to think of our body as an orchestra. Without our plant friends we are out of tune. Plants help us play a smoother tune. They are the bass to our tempo.


Each essence has it's own special gift for us to experience. Our experiences with each essence can be indivudal and also collective. This makes it hard for me to put certain words with specific essences so to not limit it's possibilites.


I include the astrology alignment at preperation because this could hold meaning to some.


Prepared on Summer Solstice 2020:

~ Smooth Wild Rose Essence *passion, reignite life, love, loving oneself and uniquness

~ Oxe Eye Daisy Essence *Clarity, confidence, purity

~ Red  Clover Essence *inner child/embracing childhood, emotional distress, helps calm, childhood trauma


Eastern White Cedar Essence, prepared under Aries sun and Saggitarius moon 2021

Cedar aka Tree of Life. Wisdom, strength, family.

Flower + Tree Essences