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Cleansing Grains - Product Spotlight

Tired of harsh cleansers?

Seeking a chemical free routine?

Do you LOVE plants?

Cleanse, exfoliate and transform your face with Blue Jay Botanicals’ Cleansing Grains.

A luxurious blend of kaolin clay, oats, rose petals, calendula + chamomile flowers and marshmallow root. Leaving your skin brighter and feeling silky soft.

YES! The cleansing grains are great for all skin types –

designed with sensitive skin in mind.

Ingredient Highlights

Kaolin Clay

- Gently cleanses and pulls impurities from the pores

- Absorbs excess oils and it can help balance the oil production when it is used over time.

- Is stimulating to the skin and with long term use, can offer a toned and tightened appearance.

- Reduces redness on acne breakouts

- A really gentle clay that can be used with any skin type, including those people with sensitivities to scrubs and cleansers.


- Soaks up excess oil on skin

- Helps soothe dry skin and remove dead skin cells


- Commercial exfoliates can damage the skin barrier (I’m looking at you apricot scrub. That pain we endured for that lovely smelling wash in high school? NOT worth it!)

Ground herbs provide a gentle exfoliation without harming the skin.

- Calendula has been included in skincare for centuries. The Ancient Egyptians celebrated it’s rejuvenating properties.

-Marshmallow root’s mucilage properties help soothe skin and reduce redness


How to Use

In palm mix 1-2 tsp of grains with water (or rose water).

Stir into paste and gently massage face.

Rinse and follow with toner then serum.

Store in a cool dry place.


Customer Reviews

"I just washed my face with the cleansing grains, OH MY GOODNESS! My face is so freaking soft!!!"

"I have naturally oily and sensitive skin - since beginning to use Blue Jay Botanical's Cleansing Grains my skin feels so fresh throughout the day without being dry or irritated. Compared to using big name, store bought facial cleansers, my face used to look and feel greasy hours after washing, but not anymore! The Cleansing Grains have done wonders for my skin and I'm happy to have finally found the right product for my face."

“My skin looks so good right now! It has been a hot fiery mess of pimples. There are still pimples but my face is less red."



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