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About Course

Cannabis Home Growers Course

This online course is designed to take you from seed to harvest & beyond and allows you to grow your plants at home while joining us live online throughout the growing season. We will share from our vast knowledge and experience growing cannabis in order to guide you to your own successful harvest of clean, organic medicine.


The course includes:

15 modules and over 24 hours of videos
'Beyond Organic' & Regenerative growing techniques and methods
PDF handouts
Live bi-weekly lectures and Q & A sessions online
Unlimited email support
The opportunity to join our community of growers

Why Register for this Course?  


  • It is designed for beginner and intermediate Growers.    

  • Learn how to make your own nutrients/fertilizers and natural inputs

  • Invest now and save money in the future  (the course will pay for itself many times over)

  • Grow clean, organic cannabis that is free from pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.

  • All the course materials are on our website in one place.  

  • Join our community of growers.

  • Speed up the learning curve and learn to grow quality Craft Cannabis.

  • Have access to a mentor that will guide you through the entire growing season.

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