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Nature's Language with Chris Outdoors

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About Course

Do you want to be more knowledgeable about ecology and wildlife...

Would you like to be able to interpret the tracks and signs left by wildlife and know what nature's sounds are telling you...

Do you want to see more wild animals and observe or photograph them in their natural state...

Are you interested in starting or enhancing a career in the outdoors...

Are ready to expand your awareness & deepen your connection to nature in ways you may not have know possible...

Learn to Read Nature's Story in the Tracks, Signs & Sounds

Course Highlights:

  • 12-week training (lifetime access)

  • 6 Live Mentoring Sessions

  • Complete at Your Own Pace

  • 6 Workbooks & Field Journals

  • 20 + Prerecorded Video lesson's

  • Online Community & Guidance

  • Audio Nature Awareness Meditations

This course is offered by ChrisOutdoors. As an affiliate partner, Blue Jay Botanicals receives a portion of the fees! This benefits all of us in our mission to foster a deeper connection with nature.

The full cost of the course is $249 USD or 3 Payments of $85 USD (Approx. $315 CAD)

Use the discount code BLUEJAY to receive 20% off! 

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Free Nature Calls Spring 2021

Nature Awareness - Self-Reliance - Seasonal Food - Stewardship

Relax, Unwind & Connect

In these turbulent times, connect with good people & cultivate nature connection practices that foster peace of mind, happiness & deep connection to nature & place.

Grow Your Nature Awareness & Knowledge

Deepen your understanding of the intricate cycles & patterns of the eco-system where you. Learn to read the "story" being told in nature's tracks, signs & sounds.

Become more Self-Reliant

Learn to be a better steward of the earth. Explore how to ethically harvest wild foods, grow food in a sustainable and regenerative way & learn ancient & modern survival and self-reliance skills.

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